What is guilt?

What is guilt?

Guilt is an angry entity Who hovers over me Like a shadow, dark in the light Disguising itself as the light Holding me to standards so high A measurement that shoots up through the sky Brainwashing me and distorting perception Swinging me around to another direction Crushing my confidence, draining my power Disintegrating my solidity [...]


I'm wrapped around in puppet strings You tug on them and pull my wings I'm all wrapped up in heavy chains You tug and open Heaven's gate You know I am free It's how I choose to be Well lo and behold, I have been controlled! I'm wrapped around in puppet strings You tug on [...]

The Angel of Death

A deep tunnel of darkness... she walks down, treading lightly. She does not need a candle to light the way, for she is an angel glowing brightly, yet she is a fallen angel. She has fallen down too many deep tunnels of darkness... down the rabbit holes... she is the angel of death. And death [...]