Sage tea ~ friendships come & go

Sage tea ~ friendships come & go

Today, I'm drinking sage tea. Sage is famous for its cleansing properties, removing toxins and negativity on both a physical and spiritual level, making space for the new. They say "friends are like seasons, they come and go." Friendship should be valued, as it can be such a wonderful thing. But accepting that friends come [...]

Indigo Ocean

Her name was Indigo Ocean. And these are the thoughts that ran through her head... I did not like the way she walked with her shoulders hanging heavy, or the way she talked with her voice nagging... the way that she needed to cling to others because she had no confidence on her own. I [...]

Friendship Appreciation

Yesterday was "National Best Friend Day," and so I was inspired to write a lot about the value of friendship. These go out to old friends, new friends, current friends, ex-friends, and friends that I still haven't met yet. A "relationship" refers to the dynamic between two people who interact with one another. It does [...]