Primeval Pixie: My Story

I have existed since the dawn of time, when ancient beasts roamed the world. I lived with the gods and goddesses, the other mythical creatures, and then the human beings. I was here at the Golden Age, or Heaven on Earth. And thus came the deterioration of civilization — the Silver Age, the Bronze Age, and then the Iron Age — in which I could not stand to watch the humans and animals at constant war with one another, and so I fell into a deep slumber. I awoke from time to time to check up on the world, and was always disappointed.

However, today I have awakened for good — because I am thrilled to see that we have finally reached the end of Kali Yuga, that the tides are beginning to turn, that the Golden Age shall come forth. Humanity is slowly beginning to pick up the pieces, and I am here, along with many other benevolent spirits (you must be one of them, too!) to help us crawl out of the darkness.

This is such an exciting time in existence, and I am honored to be a part of it. I am here to retell mythological stories, reveal ancient mysteries, teach occult wisdom, and share with you my esoteric practices. I am here to jog humanity’s memory, to propel forward the return of the Golden Age, to assist in the Great Awakening!

Here and there, “Laura” comes out — she is the ego, the mind and body, the physical vehicle of this immortal spirit. She becomes wrapped up in her worldly existence, her life story — forgetting that she is merely a minuscule chapter of the cosmic story, a fictional character, a medium of my messages. But I do thank her for making it possible for me to express myself into the material realm.

Experience: Writer, Herbalist, Cosmic Witch…

Writing has always been a passion of mine. I spent much of my childhood writing short stories and journaling (and still do to this day!) I opened my first blog when I was ten years old — who remembers “Xanga”!? I opened this current blog as “Lotus Laura” in 2016.

In 2021, I published my first novel “The Captain & the Mermaid” on Amazon as paperback and ebook formats. I am also featured in the book “Out Of The Blue” in a small excerpt along with 87 other writers!

I have been interested in astrology for as long as I can remember. In my middle school years, I began researching through books and online sources. This continued into my teen years, when there would be some days in which I’d come home from school and spend entire evenings on my laptop, searching through astrology articles. Also during this time, I had a dream journal, and was very interested in dream recall/meanings.

In my college years, I began learning more about tarot. I downloaded an app on my phone and started becoming familiar with card meanings and layouts. And then, Youtube tarot readings were on the rise, which I got super invested in. So much of it resonated with me.

At 22, I bought my first tarot deck, along with a detailed instructional book. I was so fascinated — I often came home from work and spent entire evenings reading about tarot and conducting personal readings for myself. I was so amazed, at one point I had to stop doing tarot completely, because it scared me how accurate it was!

In the coming years, I gained more practice with tarot, conducting readings for family and friends. At 25, I opened up a Youtube channel for tarot readings. At 26, I opened my Etsy shop for psychic readings. I took some online courses and read a lot, really diving into the esoteric field — numerology, runes, and more. I started writing horoscopes.

At 27, I am learning a lot about palmistry and currently enrolled in an online course!

I have also had a lifelong interest in herbs. It started with tea! By age 16, I was a huge tea lover. In my college years, I got into supplements and smokable herbs. And at 26, I took my first online herbal medicine course. I am currently a student enrolled at Herbal Academy!

Please meet all of the characters who make this blog what it is…

This is “Laura Cyrena Kellogg”

This is Laura doing yoga with a baby goat.

This is “Fuchsia,” the pink-haired mermaid.

Learn more about her story in the novel, “The Captain & the Mermaid”!

This is “Alice

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This is “Nixie” (the little pixie)

This is Crystal(Aura), your astrologist, tarot reader, and cosmic witch.