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What are your questions about cats?

Please tell me any questions you have about cats! Maybe you are thinking about adopting a cat for the first time, or you are a newbie when it comes to cat parenting… Or maybe you have had cats for many, many years, but there’s a few things that you’re unsure of or curious about… Questions […]

Dream divination | meanings and interpretations

Dreams are very mysterious, and no one has quite figured out for sure why we have them. It has been said that dreams can provide insight on hidden messages. Here are some interpretations of common dreams… Importance of dream recall We all have many, many dreams every single night. Just because you don’t remember, doesn’t […]

Product Review: Kelp Jerky (akua)

I tried kelp jerky for the first time — this is a vegan jerky that is made with kelp and shiitake mushrooms. The flavor I tried was “Rosemary & Maple BBQ”. I’m always pushing myself to try new foods and snacks, as someone who grew up a picky eater. My mom always said that tastebuds […]


“Married at First Sight” taught me why you don’t get married at first sight

This post is going to be a little different than my usual. I’ll be reviewing the reality TV show “Married at First Sight,” in which matchmakers pair up complete strangers who meet each other for the first time at the altar. The show follows them from their wedding day, through the honeymoon, into moving in […]

Album review: “Motordrome” by MØ

“Motordrome” is MØ‘s third album, which was just released in late January 2022. The 10-track record is empowering, uplifting, and fierce. MØ continues to blow us away with her bold voice and philosophical lyrics, supported by talented production and aesthetically pleasing music videos. MØ has moved on from her Forever Neverland era from 2018. Embracing […]

Book review: If You Ask Me (And of Course You Won’t) by Betty White

In memory of Betty White, I’m reviewing one of her books! I originally bought this book when it was first published, ten years ago in 2011. At the time, Betty was 89-years old, and would go on to live another decade. This memoir reveals little tidbits about Betty’s life, including some personal photos, fun facts, […]


Mythology | Dionysus

Dionysus, the Greek god of wine, surprisingly draws many parallels to Jesus Christ. Pronunciation: DIE-un-EYE-sis Birth of Dionysus (Story #1: Semele) The story begins with Zeus (“King of all gods”) having yet another affair on his wife, Hera. He fell in love with a mortal princess named Semele and eventually impregnated her. When Hera found […]

Mythology | Artemis

Artemis is the Greek goddess of hunting, animals, and wilderness. She is also linked to chastity, independence, fertility, childbirth, and the moon. She is the daughter of Zeus and Leto, twin sister of Apollo. In Roman mythology, she is known as Diana. When Zeus had an affair with Leto, in order to cover up his […]

Mythology | Aphrodite (Venus)

Aphrodite is possibly the most popular and well-known ancient goddess of modern times. Venus is her equivalent, Roman version, while Aphrodite is Greek. In some cases, she is known as “Venus-Aphrodite.” Two other names include Cytherea (Lady of Cythera) or Cypris (Lady of Cyprus.) She can also be compared to Egyptian goddesses Isis and Hathor. […]


Top Eight Starseed Tribes

I have mentioned the 22 different Starseeds in a previous post, but now I am going to zone in on the eight most commonly known. *Please use your imagination and have fun with this.* 1. Pleiadeans Pleiadeans come from a seven-sister star cluster in the eye of the Taurus bull, located 444 light years away. […]

Thirteen things I learned from my palmistry class

So, I have officially completed my six-week introductory palmistry class with Mack and the Zodiac! It was an online class over Zoom which was held live once a week. And then this spring, I will be taking her second-level class! I’d like to share some interesting core lessons I’ve learned… 1. Palmistry is not strictly […]

When faith returns

I have been doing a lot of reflecting lately, looking at old journals and blog posts, overall just looking back. I have realized how much I go back and forth with spirituality. I go through phases where I am feeling extremely spiritual, followed by phases of feeling so far removed from spirituality, etc. Most especially, […]


Games to play with your cat

Playing with your cat is so important! Just like us, cats get bored and restless, and require active stimulation. And there is no age limit — take humans for example, we still need entertainment to keep us satisfied regardless of age, it’s not something that you ever outgrow. Reasons to play with your cat: It […]

Ask a Cat Mom: “Should I put my cat in a cage?”

Q: “Should I put my cat in a cage, the same way that dogs go in a cage? Is there ever a need for this?” A: Cats value freedom. When you lock your cat up in a cage, it makes them stressed and anxious, as they feel very unsafe with no escape route. Cats are […]

Visit with sister(s) & Guinea pig update

This past weekend, I went to see my sister in Brooklyn. It was an easy drive but parking was the only difficult part. I got there early to avoid traffic and waited at a book shop where I bought a new astrology book and read it with a drink in the cafe. After Julie was […]


Science (and Politics) of Imagination | Pineal gland, DMT, and brain health

Do you remember when you were a child with an overactive imagination? You saw the world through a lens of curiosity and magic. Nothing was as it seemed. You and your friends played games in which you had different names and identities; maybe you were cats and dogs crawling around the kitchen, maybe you were […]

Herbalism for mental health

There’s a pictographic floating around Instagram, originally done by @animamundiherbals, which a lot of people have been re-uploading. I wanted to share this too, and explain in more depth what these medicines mean. *Herbalism is not limited to herbs, but includes flowers, mushrooms, spices, and plant matter.* Anxiety disorders (OCD, PTSD, social anxiety) Let’s start […]

Making space for your moon time (in the modern world)

Those who menstruate — In ancient times, for many societies, it was common practice for a woman to spend her bleeding time (or “her period”) cast away from the world in seclusion. This was not meant to be a punishment. This was the ancient way of honoring woman. There were valid physical reasons for this […]

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A toxic connection

A toxic connection will destroy you like a drug. Gradually decaying inside, you force a smile and pretend that everything is okay, because that’s your only way of surviving. You have never felt more fear in your entire life. So badly, you want to tell someone how scared you are — but that would mean […]

Anger is a shield, not a weapon

We are conditioned to believe that emotions are wrong, both the “good” and the “bad.” Of all the emotions, it seems that we fear anger the most. We believe that anger comes from a place of arrogance, that it leads to dangerous behavior and negative actions. In reality, it is the suppression of anger that […]

When I say, “I’m a writer…”

When I say, “I’m a writer,” it does not necessarily mean I am a good one, and certainly not better than most. It does not mean I am sitting next to the highest and most qualified writers of all time. It does not make me special in any way. It’s simply what I do. When […]


My Love Affair with Zeus (short story)

The following is a fiction tale based on Greek mythology… What’s it like to feel small? When people say “I feel small,” or “you made me feel small,” it tends to be a negative connotation. It typically means feeling worthless, insignificant, unimportant. Yet “feeling small” can also come with positive emotions. It can also mean […]

I wrote a book! ~ “The Captain & the Mermaid” is officially published!

I have written and published my first book! “The Captain & the Mermaid” is available on Amazon as an ebook (currently listed as $2.99, or FREE for unlimited kindle subscribers!) or paperback (currently listed as $14.99)! Click here to view or purchase! Mermaids and mermen, who live deep in the ocean, stay far, far away […]

Short story ~ Hopeless love

Short story / fiction… I always felt like we had a strong connection but I was never entirely sure. There were times I felt like he could have feelings for me and times when I was convinced it was all in my head. One moment he seemed to be dropping hints that there was something […]