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My weekend of Shibari, Lunar festivities, and more!

I had a very packed weekend, last weekend! It was possibly the busiest weekend I’ve had in a long time! It started out with a visit to OB, my hometown in New York. My dad was out sailing so I missed him (sorry, Dad!!) but luckily my aunt Nancy and uncle David were there visiting […]

Decoding “Young and Beautiful” by Lana Del Rey

I’m going to be “decoding” Lana Del Rey songs — beginning with her most popular and going from there. Much of her music has been misunderstood and quickly judged by critics with closed minds. Also, there are many little details, including the music videos, that many may have missed out on. And I will also […]

Update + new Twitter account!

Hi! It’s been over a week, which to me feels like a long time to go between blog posts. I wanted to write about my recent feelings about the blogosphere. But first… Go ahead and follow CrystalAuraGaze on Twitter for daily horoscopes and tarot messages! I saw a boom in stats back in 2019 when […]


Book review: “How to Survive in Ancient Rome” by LJ Trafford

“How to Survive in Ancient Rome” is a humorous yet enlightening, and certainly gruesome at times, look into ancient history. The time period mainly covers the Roman Empire. The book is divided into chapters that cover one topic at a time — housing, clothing, diet, religion, politics, etc. It basically serves as a how-to guide […]

Book review: “Venus and Aphrodite – A Biography of Desire”

“Venus and Aphrodite – A Biography of Desire” by Bettany Hughes is a nonfiction look into the history of Venus-Aphrodite. The goddess of love, known in Greek as “Aphrodite” and in Rome, as well as more commonly in today’s western society, “Venus,” has always had an impact on humanity. But she is far more than […]


Greek Mythology | Athena

Athena is the Greek goddess of wisdom and war. She is the daughter of Zeus and was birthed from him as a full-grown woman. Her symbols include olives and owls. Like her sister Artemis, Athena is an independent goddess who does not marry or have children. Instead, she is focused on many other conquests. She […]

Mythology | Dionysus

Dionysus, the Greek god of wine, surprisingly draws many parallels to Jesus Christ. Pronunciation: DIE-un-EYE-sis Birth of Dionysus (Story #1: Semele) The story begins with Zeus (“King of all gods”) having yet another affair on his wife, Hera. He fell in love with a mortal princess named Semele and eventually impregnated her. When Hera found […]

Mythology | Artemis

Artemis is the Greek goddess of hunting, animals, and wilderness. She is also linked to chastity, independence, fertility, childbirth, and the moon. She is the daughter of Zeus and Leto, twin sister of Apollo. In Roman mythology, she is known as Diana. When Zeus had an affair with Leto, in order to cover up his […]


Dream divination | meanings and interpretations

Dreams are very mysterious, and no one has quite figured out for sure why we have them. It has been said that dreams can provide insight on hidden messages. Here are some interpretations of common dreams… Importance of dream recall We all have many, many dreams every single night. Just because you don’t remember, doesn’t […]

Top Eight Starseed Tribes

I have mentioned the 22 different Starseeds in a previous post, but now I am going to zone in on the eight most commonly known. *Please use your imagination and have fun with this.* 1. Pleiadeans Pleiadeans come from a seven-sister star cluster in the eye of the Taurus bull, located 444 light years away. […]

Thirteen things I learned from my palmistry class

So, I have officially completed my six-week introductory palmistry class with Mack and the Zodiac! It was an online class over Zoom which was held live once a week. And then this spring, I will be taking her second-level class! I’d like to share some interesting core lessons I’ve learned… 1. Palmistry is not strictly […]



DIY Crafts & Recipes


I’m sick of being an over-giver…

I’m sick of being an over-giver and attracting people who only want to take from me and give back nothing in return. I shouldn’t even have to ask a person to treat me like a human being, rather than an object to be stored away on a shelf and taken out whenever it suits them. […]

Cottagecore | Return to nature and slow-living

Cottagecore can be classified as an aesthetic, style, or fashion. But the roots of cottagecore go deeper — as a movement. As a movement This movement began during the late 2010s, and really picked up by the start of the 2020s. It can be classified as a counterculture, like the modern-day hippies, as a pushback […]

Do you know me?

Distance is supposed to hurt; closeness is supposed to feel good. So why is it that, the closer to get to someone, the more it hurts? The little things that never bothered you before now have you fuming in jealousy. The fears that never crossed your mind back then now have total power over you, […]


Wife of the Dark Lord (chapter 10)

Taking Control I had to meet the dark lord again. I stood in the kitchen at midnight, small candles lighting the room, while clenching a tall, white candle with my right fist. I held the candle high and chanted the spell, “dark entity, come to me. You cannot hide in the night, as I cast […]

Wife of the Dark Lord (chapter 9)

Heka After spending a day walking through main town, searching for a job, I stumbled upon a bakery. The smell of fresh bread, creamy milk, and sweet sugar swirled through my nose. Immediately, I had a good feeling in my stomach — or maybe that was just hunger.  Eying the “help wanted” sign, I asked […]

Wife of the Dark Lord (chapter 8)

Confrontation At the strike of midnight, I lit a tall, white candle. Standing in the kitchen, I braced myself to meet this dark entity. The kitchen is the safest place to confront evil spirits because the culinary herbs and spices provide great protection.  The rest of the kitchen was dimly lit with small candles. In […]

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