Not really ok right now

I am really not okay right now. I thought I was doing better but I suppose I am not. I feel that my life is basically over, and I wish that it actually was. I feel that I am never going to be happy ever again. I feel that I am going to live the [...]

my past failures

I'm back with another depressing rant. Trigger warning that this is not going to be positive, so kindly please click away if you are seeking positivity right now. Again this is really important for me to feel my feels. I have a lot of coping mechanisms for pain, and I have to say that writing [...]


I don’t know if I should say this, or if I’m allowed to say this… but this is my blog and I can write what I want. I should warn that this is going to be a very depressing rant. So if you’re seeking positivity right now, please click away. I’m not looking for anyone [...]

My Personal Experience with Ritual Vitamins (the good and the bad)

My Personal Experience with Ritual Vitamins (the good and the bad)

*This is NOT a sponsored post!* Ritual vitamins are a brand of multivitamins -- available for women, men, pregnancy, and teens. I'm here to tell you all about ritual vitamins, my personal experience with them, so that you can make a better decision as to whether you'd like to try them or not. How it [...]

I want to be an angel Floating in the sky Peacefully looking down At the world passing by. Everything scares me On this planet Earth Everyone is angry And everything hurts. I may be a coward But I'll bravely choose to stay alive. And take comfort in the fact That someday, it will be my [...]