Self-care Sunday ~ Social anxiety

2. Confidence: Find you the “human” in yourself

Many of us suffer from confidence issues because we have been fed lies by society and the media about the wrong ways of obtaining it.

We are lead to believe that these factors will improve our confidence…

  • Changing your appearance
  • Having more money
  • Spending money to have more items & luxuries
  • Fame and attention
  • Getting what you want without putting in any effort
  • Minimizing your emotions and desires; acting like you don’t care.
  • Receiving praise & compliments from everyone

In reality, all of these factors diminish the “human” inside of you; they deduct your existence to nothing but a showcase. The more “perfect” you look on the outside, the greater pressure you feel to keep up with this delusion.

What ACTUALLY improves your confidence…

  • Making tough decisions without anyone else’s support
  • Valuing your own opinion about yourself, rather than anyone else’s
  • Surviving experiences that no one would ever choose to go through
  • Facing uncomfortable emotions
  • Letting suppressed traumas come back to the surface for healing
  • Working hard for something before you can see the results
  • Going beyond the limitations of appearance
  • Understanding that there’s more than meets the eye

6 thoughts on “Self-care Sunday ~ Social anxiety

  1. Thanks, these are some great tips. It’s also interesting that being “mean, rude, or sassy” can be a manifestation of social anxiety. Knowing that will help me think twice before jumping to the conclusion that someone is just obnoxious.

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    1. Yes! In some cases they might just be obnoxious haha but I definitely know cases when a person uses that as a defense mechanism for their social anxiety and can be due to paranoia of being judged or picked on. It doesn’t mean it’s excusable, but it can help you understand better.

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