Self-care Sunday ~ Social anxiety

Awareness: Identify your triggers

  • Who? Who specifically triggers your symptoms?
    • Everyone?
    • A stranger?
    • A large crowd?
    • A certain friend or family member?
    • Authority figures?
    • Someone you think is “better” then you?
    • A romantic interest?
  • What? What is it that triggers your symptoms?
    • The person or people you’re dealing with?
    • The environment?
    • Your current mindset?
  • Where? Where do you feel most triggered?
    • At school or work?
    • At the mall or grocery store?
    • Public transportation?
    • Carnivals or amusement parks?
    • At a friend’s or family member’s house?
    • Outdoors?
  • When? When is your anxiety triggered?
    • A certain time of day, or time of month, or time of year?
    • Is there a specific event or pattern triggering you?
    • At what age did it start, and has it gotten better or worse with time?
  • Why? Why do you have these triggers?
    • Do you have a family history of SA, or are you the only one?
    • Does it have to do with the way your were raised?
    • Are there underlining health issues?
    • Is there something you need to address that you’ve been avoiding?
    • Are there past traumas you haven’t healed from?

6 thoughts on “Self-care Sunday ~ Social anxiety

  1. Thanks, these are some great tips. It’s also interesting that being “mean, rude, or sassy” can be a manifestation of social anxiety. Knowing that will help me think twice before jumping to the conclusion that someone is just obnoxious.

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    1. Yes! In some cases they might just be obnoxious haha but I definitely know cases when a person uses that as a defense mechanism for their social anxiety and can be due to paranoia of being judged or picked on. It doesn’t mean it’s excusable, but it can help you understand better.

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