Venus turns three-years old!

Today my precious cat, Venus, turns three! I am so grateful for all of my time with her. She truly enriches my life, lends emotional support, and offers wacky entertainment. Anyone who has ever had a pet knows how strong that bond is. Animals teach us so much about our own wild nature. They offer [...]

Ocean Grove // Asbury Park 2019

Ocean Grove // Asbury Park 2019

It was another dazzling summer at Ocean Grove with the family. Filled with a mix of age-old, somewhat recent, and brand new traditions. There were multiple Playa Bowl meals. I'm torn between the coconut bowls and the green bowls -- equally delicious. A lot of people like the dragon fruit. There was the second annual [...]

Be yourself

We have all gone through times when we lose ourselves. When we try so hard to impress someone that we end up doing the opposite. Because if somebody actually likes you then they will appreciate you for who you are. And you need to be yourself. But this is easy to forget. Sometimes it's a [...]

Clear Skies

Don't wanna talk to anyone, if I can't talk to you Don't wanna see a rainbow, if there is no blue I've been knocking on too many doors Carrying me away like the shore But you're the only one I actually trust here and I have to make that clear. Dreams of a tropical island [...]


Disrespectful are those who walk on eggshells who won't say to your face what they know damn well who wear different faces to get information gossip is their only known form of communication. Judging others by their yolks, by what's inside meanwhile, behind their shells, so safely they hide.


Why knock on doors that you don't want opening up? Why pour yourself a drink if you don't have an empty cup? Why test the waters when you're not wearing a bathing suit? Why turn up the volume when the speaker is on mute? Why open a package labeled with someone else's name? Why give [...]