Little signs that you may be going against your intuition

Our conscious mind likes to hide stuff from our unconscious as a way of protecting ourselves, but only short-term. In the long-term of things, it actually severely destroys us. It's not like I'm an expert when it comes to culture -- but I have noticed that the American culture seems to be all about putting [...]

Fairy of Spring

The fairy of Spring walks down a garden path because she does not yet know how to fly. Seedlings that have been planted are now just beginning to sprout, revealing themselves. It is the start of new growth -- and in order to grow, there must be care, nurturing, and patience involved. New beginnings are [...]

The Path

Breathing through the anxiety... trusting it will take me to a better place... Slashing my doubts -- but they are written all over my face Time is sacred and perfect opportunities are slim My intuition is bright, but my surroundings are so dim I can manifest my dreams, I can picture it clearly now The [...]

Forbidden Knowledge

Forbidden Knowledge

Alice was a librarian. Her large, round glasses started to fog up every time her favorite customer came by. He did not even look like a bookworm, but she was noticing his presence becoming more frequent. He moved with such purpose that she questioned if he was aware of it or not. He suddenly turned [...]


They told me sit down and just stay there -- expecting me not to daydream, just simply stare. Only strive to be dogs, better yet stay sheep. The pigs have got us in a trance, in a deep sleep. But I’m bursting out in color this world is way too dull I’m sick of hamster [...]

I just set up an appointment to fix my car, all by myself, and I thought I would sound like an idiot because I don't really know anything about cars but I ended up sounding great like I actually knew what I was talking about. It's a really small thing and it shouldn't have been [...]

Feel the flow

Flow in the stream and don't fight the path direct the sails and make a splash let the wind breathe on my face watching the pieces fall into place Separation, separation, feels so cold incarnation, celebration, never too old Live life as one, and you'll smile at the sun Love is the only way, love [...]