Home visit

I am at my parents' house for the weekend in Oyster Bay. It's nice to be back home. Everything in this town feels smaller as I get older, except for the house -- which always seems bigger and emptier. I feel more relaxed and less anxious now. My parents and I did some spring cleaning: [...]

What is fear

Fear is such a crazy thing because it can have so much control over a person. It holds us back from so many things we want to do or say. It is the greatest obstacle. When you finally push yourself to do something but the fear is still there, it will turn into disaster. If [...]

Rock bottom

Just because you are missing a person does not necessary mean they are meant to be in your life. This is something hard for me to understand, but I think I'm finally reaching the point where I'm getting it. Sometimes people are not capable of understanding and forgiving your actions and you simply have to [...]