Day 22: what things make you feel bad but you find yourself doing them anyway?

I feel bad about a lot of the things I purchase, considering where you put your money has a great impact on the world. I wish I would make more of an effort to purchase more local, homemade, natural things instead of corporation crap! Many companies out there support good causes and donate a portion [...]

Ocean Grove 2018

Here we are, back in OG again. The water is healing, the air is fresh, and the vibes are chillin'. But we're always on the move. On Thursday we enjoyed a Brewery tour. Today, we went to a Cat Café. And obviously, I also spent both days at the beach -- my natural habitat, as [...]

Day 18: what’s one positive change you can make to increase your happiness?

Well, it all starts in the mind... so one small and effective change I can make towards happiness is policing my own thoughts. Every time a negative thought pops up - coming from fear and insecurity - instead of blindly following that thought, I should question it. It's so easy to assume that people are [...]