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I come to you as a primeval pixie, or a tiny, magical spirit who has existed since the dawn of time. I bring you ancient mysteries, mythologies, and esoteric arts.

That was the broken version of me

I’m sorry to you. And when I say “you,” I don’t mean one specific person. I mean anyone who has only known the broken version of me. Life is a series of up and downs. We all go through phases — periods in which things are mainly peaceful and pleasant, along with periods in which […]

Journal Journey: Ages 25 to 26

Unicorns!!! I got this from Michael’s. This post is going to be really long because this journal is very thick! This was literally the weirdest panic attack I ever had. I was laughing at a meme on my phone and then out of nowhere began crying, but then back to laughter, and then crying. I […]

My childhood dance lessons & thoughts on the culture

I took dance class for the entirety of my childhood. I attended my first dance school from about ages 3-5. I actually STILL can remember what the studio looked like, I still have memories of changing dance shoes between classes, and can still see myself doing the butterfly stretch. It was a 3-in-one dance class […]

Mythology | Aphrodite (Venus)

Aphrodite is possibly the most popular and well-known ancient goddess of modern times. Venus is her equivalent, Roman version, while Aphrodite is Greek. In some cases, she is known as “Venus-Aphrodite.” Two other names include Cytherea (Lady of Cythera) or Cypris (Lady of Cyprus.) She can also be compared to Egyptian goddesses Isis and Hathor. […]


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